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NAICA Partner Page

Welcome to the PARTNER PAGE of the North American Irish Coaches Association.
Our partners are our friends that we decide to do business with. These friendships began with shared values and a mission & vision that aligned with ours.
We hold our friends in high esteem and look to support them at every step along the way. You can help by considering our friends when making decisions in your club, college, or organization.


NAICA announces a strategic partnership with leading neuroscience company NuCalm.

Imagine having a remote control for your brain, so you can change your mental state on demand with no drugs. Get access to NuCalm’s clinically proven, patented neuroscience mobile app that used to be exclusively available only to the US military, doctors, and professional athletes for expedited recovery and high-intensity performance.  

Currently used by 56 pro sports team such as the Kansas City Chief, Golden State Warriors and The Washington Capitols, as well as Denver University Soccer Team, register for the FREE training to learn..  

"How Pro Athletes Have Been Using A Little Known Neuroscience Technology To Eliminate Stress, Get 2 Hours Of Restorative Sleep In Just 20 Minutes And Perform On Demand…Without Drugs, Much Effort or Costing A Kings Ransom"


NAICA members will receive an exclusive 20% discount as part of the partnership when they watch the free training.

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Football Careers

NAICA announces a strategic partnership with a global recruitment agency, Football Careers


Football Careers is a recruitment agency specializing in the sourcing, recruitment, and support of candidates seeking new roles in soccer

With over 30 years of combined experience in the industry, Football Careers' expert team offers personalized recruitment services to candidates, while being a key ally for organisations pursuing the right people for vacant positions.


NAICA members will receive exclusive discounts as part of the partnership and the association will team up with Football Careers for "members only" virtual events in 2023.


To find out more about Football Careers below please click on their Company logo below. NAICA members can use code NAICA20 for 20% off Football Careers' CVs, marketing products, and website memberships.


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PlayerStat Data

NAICA announces a partnership with Irish-owned youth player development tech company PlayerStat Data


PlayerStat Data provide a player development data platform for youth soccer operations, specifically focused on U13-U19 age groups across North America

Targeted at key Player Development figures at youth soccer ops, their 360° player development data platform allows users to objectively monitor player development pathways across their operations.


For more information please click the Company logo below and mention the NAICA for a discounted rate!


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GoPlay Sports Tours

GoPlay Sports Tours is the preferred travel partner for NAICA overseas and domestic travel for the 2nd year running.

GoPlay Sports Tours takes club, college, and high school teams of all skill levels to excellent venues in Europe and the Americas. Whether you are looking for a cultural adventure with a smattering of sports, or an extreme competition experience with some sightseeing thrown in, they have the perfect trip for you.


Choose GoPlay and benefit from a worldwide network of relationships, major airlines, with exceptional training and match facilities, professional coaches, 3-star and 4-star centrally-located hotels, authentic restaurants, experienced tour managers, and local guides

GoPlay can customize tours to suit the needs and budget of your team, while insurance, guaranteed pricing, direct billing, and free fundraising pages are standard.

If you are planning domestic or overseas travel take some time to hear how your club, college, or organization can benefit from GoPlay Sports Tours.

For more information please click the Company Logo below and mention the NAICA for a discounted rate!

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